Majorsine Utility and Telecom Inverters

Product Overview 


Majorsine Power Inverters feature the integrated utility bypass and pure ac sine-wave output from a dc source input.  Designed for high Mean Time Between Failure, these inverters provide the dependable ac power that critical networks demand.

The compact 2U mounting package makes this model the right selection for limited space racks and remote network access is established by simply installing the plug-n-play communication card. Standard hardware connections, NEMA receptacles and input reverse polarity-proof protection simplify the installation process.

Majorsine Inverters are designed and built for full reliability at premium network locations.  These intelligent telecom-grade inverters provide pure ac sine-wave power for all critical network needs. 100% Duty Cycle combined with the most common dc system voltages in telecom inverters (48V) or utility inverters (125-130V) make this unit a superior choice for the best network deployments.

Specification Overview by Model

Part Number/Cut Sheet Input Voltage (VDC) Output Voltage (VAC) Capacity
MAJORSINE1000-48-2U 40-60 100, 110, 115, 120 1 kVA / 800 W
MAJORSINE2000-48-2U 40-60 100, 110, 115, 120 2 kVA / 1600 W
MAJORSINE1000-125-2U 100-150 100, 110, 115, 120 1 kVA / 800 W
MAJORSINE2000-125-2U 100-150 100, 110, 115, 120 2 kVA / 1600 W

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Product Features:
»125-130, 40-59 Vdc Input
»1000 VA/800 Watts Output
»2000 VA/1600 Watts Output
»100-120 Vac Output Selectable Range
»Standard 19″/23″, 2U Rackmount
»Pure Sine Wave Output
»High Efficiency Operation
»Low EMI/RFI Emissions
»Utility Bypass Function – standard
»Intelligent Microprocessor Control
»Output Overload Protection
»Networked Communication Card Option
»User-Friendly LCD and LED Displays
»Internal “Over Temperature” Protection
»Input Reverse Polarity Protection
»Battery High/Low Voltage Indication
»Safety IEC60950, UL/cUL Listed
»CE Approved
»Telecom and Cable Equipment
»Private Networking and Fiber Access
»SmartGrid Deployments
»Utility Systems Control
»Substation DC Auxiliary Power
»Fire Alarm Systems
»Building Management Systems
»Mission Critical Inter-Agency Communication
»Private LMR Back-haul
»SCADA Network and Data Equipment
»Infrastructure System Security
Frequent Questions:
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Inverter FAQ

MAJORSINE inverters feature IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology, minimizing weight and dimension, while enhancing output short circuit reliability and overload capacity.
Output voltage is provided in one of two ways:
1) From AC input bypass mode: (Off-Line Mode)
2) From DC to AC inverter mode: (On-Line Mode)
Either mode is front panel programmable; the selected operational mode will predetermine the “default” output.

1a) In the first option, Off-Line mode, AC output power will be supplied through the AC bypass circuit in its “normal” operation. Upon AC input failure, output power will be diverted through the DC to AC inverter mode. Once AC mains are restored, the unit will revert from inverter mode to bypass mode.
2a) In the second option, On-Line mode, AC output power will be provided directly by the inverter from the VDC source. Should the DC source or inverter fail, the system will transfer its output power through the bypass circuit. Once the DC power source is restored, the system will revert to “inverter” mode.
Transfer time from inverter to bypass, or bypass to inverter is less than 4 ms.

The Off-line/On-line mode is changed from one to the other by pressing the ON button for 2.5-3 seconds and release, when both input sources are available and output conditions are normal. The operational mode cannot be changed during an abnormal or fault condition.

Majorsine Inverter

Start-Up Programming

Remote monitoring is a prime consideration and requirement to manage multiple network elements from a central location. Each utility inverter or telecom inverter is manufactured with an expansion slot to support the Majorsine-NMC3 card installation in the field, at the time of service commissioning.

The Majorsine telecom inverter family allows bypass alarm configuration. End users can disable the bypass alarm when deployed into applications without a “mains” ac power circuit. Link: Programmable Option

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