Majorsine Inverter

Product Selection Guide by Feature

This chart selection array contains the product system numbers in rows and key features in columns.  Use this comparison guide in the evaluation of all the inverter products, at a glance in chart format.

Selection Chart – Majorsine Power Inverters

 Feature -> DC Input Voltage AC Output Watt / VA & AC Amps AC Outlet
System #
48 130 Input Amps 100; 110; 115; 120 800W / 1000VA 1600W / 2000VA ~8 amps ~16 amps NEMA
Majorsine1000-48-2U 25 4
Majorsine2000-48-2U 50 4
Majorsine1000-125-2U 10 4
Majorsine2000-125-2U 20 4

All models programmable for 50/60 Hz operation.
User choice of the primary source configuration; DC Inverter or AC Main
Remote Communication Card Accessory fits all inverter models -> MAJORSINE-NMC3
Typical Applications:
telecom inverter = 48 volt dc input
utility inverter = 125-130 volt dc input
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