Majorsine NMC3 Network Communication Card

Network Management Card for Majorsine Inverter

The Third Generation Communications Card for Majorsine Inverters

Network Management or Monitoring remotely is a prime consideration and requirement to manage multiple network elements from a central location.
Remote access is established by simply installing the card, configuring your network IP address and plugging in the network interface cable.

In a Dashboard Current Status page, one can check the operating status, schedule, and parameters of the inverter. This page will refresh automatically with the real time operating status of the inverter, schedule, alarm and equipment information.

Performance Graphics
Display history and performance data logs in graphic form or export list for deep-dive analysis.

Next Level Security
Protocol availability for Radius, SSH, NTP, SMTP and SNMP v3.

General Availability in 2023 <read the news>
Supersedes Majorsine-SNMP

Key Features for the Network Management Card (NMC3)
  • Real-Time Inverter Health Monitoring
  • Flexible Configuration Via Web Browser, NMS, Telnet and SNMP v3
  • Automatic Events Notification Via E-Mail(smtp) and SNMP Trap
  • Assigned IP Automatically via DHCP or BOOTP
  • Scheduling Shutdown/Startup/Reboot of Inverter
  • Records Inverter Parameters for Statistical Analysis and Event Diagnostics
  • Standard Inverter MIB Support
  • Auto-Sense A 10/100Mbps Ethernet Network Environment
  • Environmental Monitoring Device Supported
  • Configuration Utility Simplifies the Firmware Upgrade Process
  • Supports RADIUS and NTLM V1
  • Ipv4 and Ipv6 Dual-Stake

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    Application Note:

    The center port on the MAJORSINE NMC3 card is no longer utilized as a COM port and is only for use with connection to an optional EMD3 Environmental Monitoring Device. Ensure that the Ethernet port of the laptop or PC is directly connected to the card’s Network Port (furthest from blue dipswitches) with a standard network patch cable of Cat 5e or Cat 6 grade. (TB-025 NMC3)

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