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Majorsine Bypass Alarm; Programmable Option

March 01, 2016 | Technical Info,

Start-up programming:
Bypass Alarm Configuration for Operation without Integrated Bypass.

The Majorsine family of power inverters allows bypass alarm configuration. End users can disable the bypass alarm and AC input bypass fault LED whenever the integrated bypass circuit is not being used for alternative power.
Bypass Alarm Configuration

The following steps should be initiated within 10 seconds of initial “soft-start” of the inverter or it will need to be hard-reset again.

1. Hard reset the inverter by removing all input sources.
a. If only the DC source is connected, this may be done by flipping the front panel DC breaker momentarily to the OFF position and back to ON.
2. When the inverter’s LCD panel lights up and begins the soft-start process, you will be asked to change settings.
3. Press the ON button to enter the programming menu tree.
a. Use the (D)ata button to change a setting and the (S)tatus button to confirm a setting.
4. The first setting will be for AC frequency (default is 60Hz)
a. If no changes; press the Status button.
5. Second setting will be the AC output voltage level (default is 120Vac)
a. If no changes desired; press the Status button.
6. The final setting is to Enable/Disable the AC input alarm. (default is enabled)
a. Press the Data button to show (D) on the screen
b. Confirm the setting by pressing the Status button.
7. As soon as the Status button is pressed, the inverter should immediately go into its hard start procedure and commence normal operation.
8. The AC Bypass alarm LED should now be disabled.

Download the bypass alarm configuration Menu Tree graphic.


[A manufacturing change that allows end users to actively disable the alarm and AC input bypass fault LED was implemented July-2012. All NEMA output Majorsine inverter voltage families (24, 125, 48VDC input) contain the new firmware load.]


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