Majorsine Inverter

48VDC input
120VAC, 2000VA 1600W output
Model: Majorsine2000-48-2U

Majorsine Power Inverters are designed with high MTBF for continuous duty service to provide manageable and dependable AC power in a demanding network. Featuring an integrated utility bypass function, pure sine wave output and low EMI/RFI emissions, Majorsine telecom inverters are well equipped for telecommunications, networking environment and utility control systems.

An intelligent microprocessor-based controller and smart software is utilized for power management including alerts on the LCD/LED display. A Majorsine-SNMP option is available and allows the user remote communication access to the inverter.

Majorsine telecom inverters ship with standard 19”/23” bracket mounting kits that will easily fit into limited space applications.

Consider remote communication with a MAJORSINE-NMC3

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  • 2000VA capacity @ 100-120VAC output range for industrial applications
  • High efficiency design with overload output protection
  • User-friendly LCD/LED displays
  • Internal "over temperature" protection
  • SubSystem Equipment #: ESI48N202AB B
  • Approved IEC-60950 safety (UL/cUL Cert)

DC Input

AC Output

Voltage: 40-60 VDC

Rated Current: 50 Amps

Protection: Fuse and DC Breaker

Efficiency: >85%

Capacity: 2kVA/1600W

Voltage: 110, 115, 120, 125 VAC

Voltage Regulation: ±2%

Frequency: 50/60Hz ± 0.2Hz

Utility Power (Bypass)


Voltage (Nominal): 120 VAC

Frequency: 50/60 ± 5Hz

Protection: AC Circuit Breaker

Transfer: less than 4 mSec

Operation Temperature: 0º to 50ºC

Storage Temperature: -20º to 70ºC

Humidity: 0-90% Relative Humidity

MTBF: 205,817 Hours

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