Majortel DC Power Systems

Majortel DC Power systems (MTS) meet or exceed most equipment application requirements for today’s growing new technology networks.  The MTS system includes telecom grade switch-mode 48V rectifiers in a feature rich mounting shelf with integrated remote communication package. Each shelf is 1.75” tall, 11” deep and occupies a standard 19” wide rack space.




The Majortel dc Power system, MTS48/30BL-1U, is designed with a maximum of four, field-configurable, distribution circuits plus one battery circuit. Individual load bay slots are easily configured for on-site installation by choosing (before purchase) the required breakers in ratings of 5a, 10a, 15a, 20a or 30 amps. This circuit-breaker style of load distribution means that each system can support A/B enterprise server power requirements with or without battery back-up. Installation is made simple with the convenience of, included, standard NEMA line cord AC source connections. System capacity 1.74 kW.

Majortel DC Power System MTS48/30FL-1U that is 48VDC @ 30A



The Majortel dc Power system, MTS48/30FL-1U, includes all of the standard features like the “BL” but is designed for additional distribution loads with 10 GMT fuse slots and a single, 30A, circuit breaker for battery charging. System capacity 1.74 kW. Installation is made simple with standard NEMA line cord AC source connections. Line cords included with each installation kit.


Majortel DC Power


The Majortel dc Power system, MTS48/50AT-1U, is a compact design, ideal for applications requiring dc power, up to a 50A/2880W load. The flexible system can support multiple size power applications using two 25A rectifier modules.  Standard output configuration includes a load and battery breaker, each rated to 50A.



Majortel DC Power


The Majortel 2U DC Power system is a fully integrated, compact design, ideal for applications requiring dc power, up to a 100A/5800W load. The flexible system can support multiple size power applications using two, three or four 25A rectifier modules. The shelf is 3.5” tall, 11.5” deep and occupies a standard 19” wide rack space. The MTS 2U system (bottom picture) includes one battery breaker and a dual load A/B set-up for bulk feed configuration plus 4 additional field configurable load breaker positions.


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Product Features:

»Full power; Wide AC Range
»Complete System Design
»Extended Temperature Operations; Up to 75ºC
»System Capacity range from 1740W to 5800W
»Easy, Manageable monitor screen
»Programmable alarms on dry-contacts
»Battery Low-Voltage Disconnect: LVD
»Integrated Remote Communication Package
»N+1 Configuration Capabilities
»Quick Check LED indications
»Standard 19” wide rack and under 11” deep
»Built-in breaker distribution

Majortel Controller


The MTS-Com centralized man-to-machine interface is included with every system. The integrated controller monitors critical system conditions and facilitates system programming. The controller functions include fault alarms, alarm threshold adjustments, voltage adjustments and overall system status. This easy to read screen allows the user to program the unit with only a few buttons. The unit toggles audible alerts, LEDs and Form-C contact closures based on the system monitored parameters.
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Each system includes a temperature probe. The controller will perform voltage control based on temperature, when connected to the system. The insulated probe should be installed on or near the battery post for best results and accurate temperature compensation. explore more: “Temperature Compensation KB”


»Infrastructure System Security
»Network Telemetry Back-Haul
»IT Private Network
»Inter-Office Telecommunications
»Dispatch Data Inter-connectivity
»Auxiliary Control & Instrumentation



Equipment installation is a key decision step in the selection of power equipment. In response to the most common applications; the Majortel family of products has evolved with two simple ac input connection styles.
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Majortel Systems are designed with two (2) alarm relays initially configured for Major and Minor alarm groups.
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