Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breakers for Majortel DC Power Systems

A small 1U micro circuit breaker is available for user configured distribution in the Majortel DC Power Systems.  A variety of 1U or 2U power shelves facilitate selectable load circuit breaker positions per system.  The circuit breakers are rated in sizes to meet multiple requirements of protective circuit coordination designs. Ratings typically requested by our users are stock.
Breaker Ordering Numbers:

ST-B05A for rating 5 amp

ST-B10A for rating 10 amp

ST-B15A for rating 15 amp

ST-B20A for rating 20 amp

ST-B30A for rating 30 amp

Order the breakers at the time of purchase for pre-shipment installation.
Your project kit will arrive ready for application commissioning.

  • The circuit breaker is a magnetic circuit protector that combines power switching and accurate, reliable circuit protection in one aesthetically pleasing package. Circuit protectors are equipped with an optional handle guard as an integrated part of the molded design. The guard helps in providing protection from accidental "turnoff." Rated Mechanical life is in excess of 50,000 operations.
  • Circuit protectors are UL Recognized as supplementary protectors per UL STD. 1077, CSA Certified as supplementary protectors per CSA STD. C22.2 No. 235, VDE Approved as circuit breakers for equipment per STD. EN 60934, CCC Approved and CE Compliant.
  • System Applications:
    • MTS48/30BL-1U, power system with up to 5 circuit breaker positions
    • MTS48/50AT-2U, power system with up to 4 circuit breaker positions
    • MTS48/75AT-2U, power system with up to 4 circuit breaker positions
    • MTS48/100AT-2U, power system with up to 4 circuit breaker positions

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