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Majortel DC Power System AC Input Decision

March 10, 2015 | Technical Info,

Majortel DC Power System AC – Input Decision

Equipment installation is the next decision step in the selection of power equipment.  In response to the most common applications; the Majortel family of products has evolved with two simple ac input connection styles.
First, a smaller power capacity 48V systems (FL/BL) will operate using universal input ac source and pre-wired receptacles.  The total system output is typically sized at or under 30A/1740W in 48Vdc operation where, each 870W rectifier can be connected to a dedicated receptacle using the supplied IEC-to-NEMA cord set.  After-market cords can be easily sourced for region specific applications outside North America.  The rectifier module in a “BL” or “FL” system has a universal input voltage design and therefore; is fully functional across a wide ac range of 90-290V.  The user needs only to attach the correct cord to interconnect between the input source and the IEC-C14 mate on the rear of the power system.  The factory installed male pin socket is already an industry standard on personal computers and many peripheral devices.

The second and most common style for our large systems (50,75,100AT) utilizes a hard-wired connection with terminal bolts in an isolated barrier strip.  This method is most versatile for a wide range of installation and input voltages.  A planning engineer and application designer can, more easily, designate the ac source circuits using a range of single phase ac inputs (i.e.: 115,208, 240).  These larger systems also provide valuable alternatives to utilize multiple ac circuits, in a single system, to increase fault tolerances and maintain your critical loads.


Majortel DC Power System chart based on AC Input


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