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What Do I Need? Using Simple Power Terms

February 15, 2018 | Technical Info,

Need Analysis: The Triad of Power Application Selection!

These are the three key items one will need to know before selecting a power product. We call this the “triad” in power. There is something going IN, something going OUT and how MUCH of the something in all systems. A system designer can evaluate a detailed wish list of parameters, once each point in the triad is defined. Consider the following:


What’s in the Term?

Rectifier – AC input modified into DC output

Review DC Power System Products

Inverter – DC input modified into AC output

Review AC Power Inverter Products

Converter – DC input modified into DC output.

Review DC/DC Converter Products

How is this information used?

The triad topic is the most talked about conversation in our office.  Call and we’ll help make the confusing part of selecting power equipment a bit easier.  It’s about your critical network reliability, let’s get this right!

See the DC Power Matrix Selection Guide. . . . or . . . . See the AC Power Matrix Selection Guide

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