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Batteries Not Included; Size To The Application

May 06, 2021 | Design Ideas,

We are asked if our operation is “Using Our Power Equipment?”.

Why NOT! One can size the redundancy and resilience of a critical application using the products in a complete power portfolio. I have often been questioned about using the Majorpower products for a critical application. The answer is easy, “YES WE DO use these products in our operation”.

When it comes to our critical interconnect points, we want to be connected. Our team performs daily actions required in supporting our clients using multiple access points in our office. It can be the highspeed fiber to our site, technical lab testbed, logistics coordination base, customer experience center and even plain ‘ole telephone service for a conversation.

We deployed two systems within our facility. While the systems may be similar in nature, they are unique to the specific needs on each part of the facility. Sizing is easy by developing a run time plan and adding energy storage sized to support that design intention. One system connects us to the outside world and has a robust 16 hour run time and the other is configured for short duration ride through to maintain programming or parameter settings in the lab environment.

What is your application design plan?
The electronics are here to be used as the building blocks, just decide on the design run time and size to the application by adding energy storage systems to support the plan. Our Majotel DC Power systems can energize your ESS then a Majorsine Inverter draws the energy out as required to support the critical load.

How’s that for a simple approach?

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In Project Name OREGON; we will detail the architecture and equipment list.

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