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Quick Set Series: TB-27.1

June 01, 2022 | Technical Info, Design Ideas,

Quick Set Series: Applications using the BATTERY function feature set in the MTS130/20AT-1U Power rectifier system.

Quick Set Series Focus: Battery Mode and Battery Parameter Settings

How: From the from MTS-Com Front Panel Administrator Menu

Key Steps:
 Select DC Limits – Screen will display the High and Low threshold limits for DC output parameters.
o Press the DOWN arrow button twice to move the cursor to the Ext Equipment screen
o Highlight BATT/LOAD (default is Load) and press ENT once to select the field (background will darken against text).
o Press the UP or DOWN button to change the selection to the desired system type and press ENT once to accept the new selection.
o Press ESC once to return to previous sub-menu and proceed with battery charge settings outlined below.

 Select BATT SETTINGS and the screen will display all necessary inputs for battery maintenance and monitoring.
o Parameters Include:
 Battery Voltage for Float and Equalize modes
 Current Limit to battery
 Battery Capacity in AHr
 Auto EQ Cycle (off / on)
• % Capacity for EQ mode
• Cycle Days to perform EQ mode
• Time Limit for EQ mode
 Center Temperature for Compensation
 Temperature Compensation Coefficient Factor

ESC to top level and exit Admin mode.

Additional Document References:
1. TB-027-18 Revision 0.1
2. Majortel_Manual_M401.8
a. Section MTS130, page 25-26

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