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Quick Set Series: AN-031

September 08, 2022 | Technical Info, Design Ideas,

Quick Set Series: Majorsine Primary INPUT Source Programming.

The Quick Set Series procedure is for inverter applications where a primary input source is changed by the user of the inverter. The programmed mode is retained by the inverter processor. A future start-up will reference the saved selection.

Preparing to use this feature requires the inverter to be installed with BOTH the dc voltage and ac voltage input sources. The inverter shall be powered, initial commissioning complete and present no fault indicators on the front panel.

Factory Default *: The Majorsine family of inverters ship with the primary source selection set to DCV input first choice.

The Off-line/On-line mode is changed from one to the other by:
• pressing the ON button for 3 seconds when normal input sources are available.
• release the ON button and observe the LCD screen, as the telemetry messages will present the transfer process status.
• Press the Status button, if required, to review the input source conditions screen.

Additional Document References:
1. Majorsine_Manual_M101.9
a. Section 3-2, page 9

Inverter Output voltage is provided to loads in one of two modes:
a) From DC input to AC inverter mode: (On-Line Mode) *
b) From AC input bypass mode: (Off-Line Mode)

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