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Power Architecture Series: 401.3

February 14, 2022 | Design Ideas,

PA401.3: Load or Battery @ 125 Volt DC

using the MTS130/20AT-1U rectifier power system.

    Power Architecture Series Cynosure:
    • DC power supply to single point apparatus, possible distribution sub-panel to individual loads/over-current-protection-devices. Single steady state output voltage.
    • DC charge supply to a specific battery connection or dc bus with temperature compensation feature active to regulate the output voltage.

This pre-configured system can operate in one of two modes, either load or battery. The system kit includes software and external battery temperature probe. A user’s configuration is customizable using the installed man-to-machine interface. (MTS-Com)

In a load mode, the two-pole circuit breaker is attached to the equipment apparatus. The sole purpose of this system is power supply production at a single stable output voltage. A wide range of installations operate in this capacity whether downstream from a UPS or as a temporary dc power source in a critical maintenance window procedure. The user selectable mode will mask the battery parameters of the man-to-machine interface to assure top level voltage settings are focused on the single output voltage operation.

In a battery mode, the two-pole circuit breaker is attached to the common bus for the installation, being upstream of the battery and equipment apparatus. Alternatively, the two-pole circuit breaker is attached to the battery posts, for the installation, and both are upstream of the equipment apparatus. The purpose of this configuration is twofold as a power supply to load apparatus and battery charge source producing a temperature compensation managed output. The temperature probe must be installed to collect valid data that is referenced to alter the voltage. This system is designed for full output capabilities and ultra-smooth ripple with or without battery attachment. A term often attached to charger/dc power systems of this design might include “battery-eliminator” mode to imply low-ripple characteristics without the connection of a battery to tame rectification circuits.

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