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Power Architecture Series: 202.1

April 06, 2022 | Design Ideas,

PA202.1: Single Converter System

using the MTD48/50-130-1U converter power system. DC/DC

    Power Architecture Series Cynosure:
    • DC power supply to single point apparatus, possible distribution sub-panel to individual loads/over-current-protection-devices. Single steady state output voltage.
    • DC power supply to A/B connections utilizing the dual-output circuit breakers.

This pre-configured system will operate in 100% duty cycle mode to convert 130vDC to 48vDC. The system kit includes converter power modules, mounting shelf, software in the controller and integrated output OCPD. A user’s configuration is customizable using the installed man-to-machine interface. (MTS-Com)

Single System implementation is the most basic conversion from one voltage to another voltage with single point to point connections; IN to OUT. The Majortel (MTD Converter) provides the additional second output breaker as the standard frame build, based on multiple client application requiring two output circuit connections to equipment apparatus.

Power Converter dc-dc

Power Architecture Series 202.1

About the Series
Common Applications
Insights into the most common power architectures using our product line is the focus of the 2021 Insights series. Review this Insider’s Link to applications and creative power architectures deploying power conversion products in the Majortel and Majorsine families. Our Majorpower Applications department answers common questions and shares the collective experience.

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