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Majorpower is focused on high reliability feature rich power inverters, rectifier systems and converters.  We concentrate on the design and manufacture of high quality up-scale solutions to meet a variety of critical power applications worldwide.  Our mission is to understand our customer’s needs, create power conversion products that deliver solutions and to provide exceptional customer service.


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Wireless Industry

The wireless industry is constantly evolving to keep up with the expanding market.  All Majorpower product lines are able to support the continuous growth of overlay netwo...

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Utility Industry

The utility industry provides essential services for the well-being of society.  Majorpower supplies utility dc power solutions that support and enhance the utility indu...

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Preventative Maintenance for your Majorpower Products.

Here at Majorpower; we take pride in the remarkable durability of our power conversion equipment.  Our customers ..

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Majortel 130V DC Power System:

The Majortel 1U System is a sleek, compact design that is ideal for applications requiring stable DC Power.  Each system is designed to oc..

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