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Majortel DC Power System Voltage Decision

November 24, 2016 | Technical Info,

Majortel DC Power Voltage; Which System?

Here at Majorpower we understand that choosing a DC Power System for your critical application requires careful consideration and planning.  In order to make that decision, for dc power voltage, a bit less stressful; we listened to your concerns and challenges and then put our collective heads together to present four charts that will serve as a reference tool to choose the quality product for your project.

In the next few months we will be releasing these DC Power decision charts.  The first chart is outlined below and each chart was created to reflect and consider the features we understand to matter most.

The primary driver of system power hardware choice is the circuit’s operating voltage.  This voltage is the operating range that is chosen to “run equipment/load (s)” that performs the desired work function.  Work can be further defined as the energy required to power electronics in critical applications or as the potential energy stored in batteries for future use.  Typical commercial dc applications will require voltage ranges that most commonly operate near 130; 48; or 24 volts direct-current (vdc).

The two most common drive factors for circuit voltage selection:

See the chart below to guide a product decision based on circuit operation voltages.

Majortel DC Power System Chart based on voltage selection


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