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Majortel DC Power System Capacity Decision

January 06, 2017 | Technical Info,

Majortel DC Power System Capacity Chart

Majorpower develops dc power solutions for deployment ranging from 500W to just over 5000W.  The second most common dc power system specification parameter is capacity required to operate an application and/or specific load(s).  Generally, this capacity is estimated in either dc amps or watts.  Watts are calculated by the product of required, maximum sustained dc amps times the nominal input dc voltage.

It is paramount to consider that the capacity sizing process should factor in all potential loads of an application whether electronic, energy storage/charging or both in combination.

The chart below sorts the capacity of the Majortel ac-to-dc power systems by amps and watts in the left column.  The power system part numbers, listed in the right column, include the operating voltage embedded in the number.  i.e.: a MTS130/20AT-1U typical operation range is user defined as +/-130 Vdc.  Calculate your capacity requirements of an application then follow the amps/watt column to a matching value or one that is just beyond the maximum calculated requirement.  Check the right column for a system in the application voltage range of operation.


Majortel DC Power System chart based on DC capacity


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