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Majortel DC Circuit Protection Decision

May 15, 2015 | Technical Info,

Majortel DC Power System Circuit Protection Decision

DC circuit protection is the last step in the power flow of a integrated rectifier system.  The application designer can make several choices based on load ampere ratings and method of circuit interruption.

Standard GMT fuses (telecom rated) can be placed in the MTS48/30FL-1U system output distribution bay.  The maximum output rating allowed is 15A, per fuse slot.  The front accessible location facilitates visible failed fuse indicators for one to ten individual loads.  One integrated maintenance disconnect battery circuit breaker rated for 30A is located next to the fuse bay.

DC circuit protection using miniature, plug-in style, circuit breakers is available in common application sizes from 1 amp to 30 amps.  The small breaker(s) can be placed in the MTS48/30BL-1U distribution bay or in the integrated output distribution bay of the MTS48/100AT-2U system. (also 50AT, 75AT) For the AT-2U systems the “+4” circuit breakers can be purchased prior to the initial commissioning of a system or added in the field in the future when the need arises.  The breakers are designed with easily read rating IDs, color-coded rocker switch, trip-guards and integrated alarming.

Large ampere rating circuit breakers (25A; 50A; 100A) are integrated into systems with full function alarm indicators and configured for maximum system output distribution.  The combination of load, battery or both is specific to each part number for the typical application.

Reference the individual system specification sheet for full details of configurable dc circuit protection options.

Chart for deciding which Majortel DC Power System is correct for your application based on circuit protection.


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