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130 Volt Compact Power

June 05, 2019 | Product News, Technical Info,

Two (2) Pole Disconnect Circuit Breaker in Majortel 130 VDC system

This 130 volt power system is designed with the integrated output circuit-breaker 2-Pole interrupt, front access operation. The two pole power block for secured screw connections is located on the system backside. The 130V circuit breaker separates both the positive and negative circuits between the compact power system output connection and rectifier bus.  Due to various 130V applications, the circuit breaker is labeled “load” to indicate any output load in respect to the power system whether a common bus, active loads or battery load combination system.

Available in 130V power systems: MTS130/20AT-1U or MTS130/10AT-1U
Ratings: Factory installed, non-changeable, 2-pole 25 amp

The output terminal, consisting of secured screw connections, is located on the system backplane. The larger power block is provided to support a ring terminal or single-hole lug landing for connection with load bus or battery installations.


Recent Common Applications:

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