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Majorsine Accessory Products for Inverters

October 01, 2018 | Product News, Technical Info,

Majorsine Remote Communication Card

Remote monitoring is a prime consideration and requirement to manage multiple network elements from a central location. Each inverter is manufactured with a port slot to support the card installation in the field, at the time of service commissioning. TCP/IP access is established by simply installing the plug-n-play card, configuring your network IP address and attaching the network interface cable. Navigate to the assigned address to review the various web screens, using a browsers and PC of your choice. Program the SNMP parameters for agent access to the traps from a centralized operation monitoring center.

accessory: Majorsine SNMP Remote Communication Card

Majorsine Communication Card

• Remote Monitoring Via IP Address
• Configuration from Telnet and serial port console or HTTP
• Email Alerts and SNMP traps
• System Alarm History
• Monitor Inverter Critical Parameters
• Output Voltage and Input Voltage with Frequency
• Load % – Capacity
• Inverter Status: DC Source or Bypass Circuit
• Temperature – Ambient


NEW for 2023 – GENERALLY AVAILABLE in February:
The Third Generation Communications Card for Majorsine Inverters
Next Level Security Protocol availability for RADIUS, SSH, NTP, SMTP and SNMP v3.

Users Buying This Accessory Item Say:

* “This communication link allows our central center to monitor the network in real-time.”
* “The graphic design facilitates a quick glance approach to checking the health and status of the power inverter.”
* “We identified a bypass mains fluctuation that corresponds to our start-up process, after a review of the data log.”

Locking-Hardwire Adapter

Reliable locking NEMA 5-15 plug to secure load circuits to the output sockets of the inverter. Heavy-duty design locks the plug in place to prevent disconnecting critical loads. 1 or 2 accessory hardwire kits can be installed. Simple to install with only a small flat blade screwdriver.

accessory: Majorsine HBL Locking Hardwire Adapter

Majorsine HBL Locking Hardwire Adapter

• Straight Blade Devices, Male Plug,
• Insulgrip Heavy Duty,
• Industrial/Commercial Grade, 125V,
• 2-Pole 3- Wire Grounding

Order Code: HBL5280C

Users Buying This Accessory Item Say:

* “A locking plug adapter, even with limited access rack locations, assures us the critical load remains connected to the inverter.”
* “We transport our shelters to worldwide locations and the lock ensures positive cable installations every time.”

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