Majortel DC Power System FAQ Continued…


Q.  How can the Majortel system be used?

A.  The DC power system can be used anywhere AC supply is the main power source and a need for conversion to DC power is a requirement to operate load electronics. Common uses for a DC power system are to monitor and maintain a charge on backup battery string(s), supplying stable, macro DC power to a common bus on which multiple DC load devices may draw their input power, as well as micro load distribution to service smaller loads.

Q.  What Majortel system set-up is available?

A.  The need for AC conversion to DC power, to operate load electronics, can change based on the application. Majortel (MTS) systems are designed to support the most common macro loads from 500W to 5800W,  as well as micro load distribution to service smaller loads down to 5 amps. All systems contain integrated overcurrent protection devices.

Q.  Are the Majortel DC Power systems positive ground, negative ground or floating ground?

A.  The positive and negative output posts float relative to earth.  The installation dictates if or how a system is referenced to earth.

For DC Power:  This means the DC output is floating

*The floating reference is only related to DC elements of equipment as it is not related to any AC elements of equipment.

Q. What size system do I need?

A.  The size of your power system should include capacity for the following variables:

Q. What Remote Communication is available for the Majortel System?

A.  Web Browsers and SNMP connected to your standard private IP network.

 Q.  We don’t know what AC voltage is available in our remote sites.  Can the Majortel operate on 115VAC or 208/240VAC?

A.  Yes, the Majortel rectifier design is truly wide-range AC input making it capable of full capacity with either voltage supply; therefore no derate penalty.

Q.  What is the Majortel MTS-Com Relay Rating?

A.  The rating for the alarm relays in all MTS-Com system controllers are the same.  Each “dry-contact” relay is rated 2A @ 30VDC or 1A @ 125VAC.

Q.  What are the Majortel acronyms?

A.  The MTS is a Majotel Power System and includes our dc power product line for rectifiers. The power module is the MTR; Majortel Rectifier. Built in 15 or 25 amp capacity.
The MTD is a Majotel DC/DC Converter system and includes our converter product line. The power module is the MTDC; Majortel DC Converter.  Built in 25 amp capacity.