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Power Architecture Series: 401.5

September 05, 2023 | Design Ideas,

Project Name:

Ghost Cooper

PA401.5 Power supply ONLY using the MTS130/10AT-1U connection to existing load apparatus rack.

• The existing ESS design is unchanged, and a new rectifier source is installed as “hot-standby” for unplanned event recovery.
• Connections using a load-only circuit to the existing critical telemetry apparatus and camera surveillance of the installation.
• Mitigation of illegal copper theft from un-manned Power & Energy locations.

Many deployed systems remain unchanged and operational with engineered ESS systems. The critical telemetry apparatus and camera surveillance (TACS) of the installation is designed/sized to long-term operation during mains outage utilizing the ESS. The TACS rack is separated from the power building thus reliance on a distant copper dc voltage cable connection. Theft in the remote location of ESS copper bus and cabling renders the TACS rack “dark” plus drops all central surveillance center connections. A Majotel power supply is placed in the TACS operating on “transmission-originated” mains supply with a set output voltage 3% lower as compared to the ESS operation voltage. Using Ohm’s Law, the load is sourcing current, as designed, from the ESS until any catastrophic breach of property and material theft event. As copper is removed from the system, “hot-standby” power in the TACS maintains the apparatus collection and reporting of important information plus a video connection to the center.

The caution note follows that if the ESS is in a power off mode(de-energized), the dc wire connections could be live(energized) from the alternate dc system back feeding from a bus bar/cable if the design is not built incorporating a disconnect method (either SD or OCPD), blocking diodes or isolated input landings on the TACS apparatus.

Duke Energy: “”Stealing copper from an electric utility company is dangerous – and it’s a crime. Copper theft carries very dangerous consequences, including serious personal injury, death, explosions, fires and electric outages. Copper theft also puts utility crews and other customers at risk.””

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