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Power Architecture Series: 101.3

July 04, 2023 | Design Ideas,

Distributed Power Inverter Architecture

PA101.3 Application Notes: Big Total Load with a Small Chunk per Inverter

The Distributed Architecture involves an organized distribution of loads attached to multiple inverters. It is recommended to place half the network load on one unit and the remaining half on a second unit. A visual along the lines of splitting parent and child processes across two inverters. Group network load elements together that help the application survive.

Each critical load apparatus is isolated and operates on a single ACV input termination; Load A-D. The separate inverter outputs must never be connected to the same point.

Loads are sized to remain within the capacity of each inverter. Individual DC bus circuits are connected to inverters. Individual AC main supply circuits are connected to inverters.

Distributed Inverter Config

About the Series
“Hook This Power Booger Up!” . . . Common Applications
Insights into the most common power architectures using our product line is the focus of the 202x Insights series. Review this Insider’s Link to applications and creative power architectures deploying power conversion products in the Majortel and Majorsine families. Our Majorpower Applications department answers common questions and shares the collective experience.

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