ADVISORY about Shipping Carriers
United Parcel Service (AKA: UPS Brown; small package) is the “daily pick-up” shipping carrier under contract for 99% of the product movement out of our facility. This, time-proven relationship, is the most efficient method to move your new equipment purchase. With a verified email address; the UPS Quantum View tracking notification system will send real-time tracking updates once the package information is sent to UPS at the end of the processing day. PO instructions with “pre-paid & add” receive this advantageous service but a valid email address is required.

A fair ALERT about choosing alternative shipping carriers. Several carriers have demonstrated driver issues with location identification since they do not frequently work in our industrial park. One in particular, FedEx Ground, does not adequately cover the region with enough support equipment or drivers, therefore; your requested shipment and any tracking updates will be delayed, often 3 days after invoice. This is simply an observation from their historical performance, this is a FedEx Ground problem propagated in the North Carolina service area. While this carrier might be good for your contract area, we advise against using them for pick-ups here.

All HOLD FOR PICK-UP or Pre-Arranged 3PL requests are disallowed. This former method choice delayed product movements by up to a week. (IE: DHL does not maintain a presence in our area.) Along with all shipment package labels, Customs documents, and associated paperwork; dock appointments are required. Contracted 3rd parties rarely know any details about the shipment(s) and the carrier driver, arriving on the dock, typically has no supporting paperwork/bill-of-lading to effectively collect the cartons. If a waiver is granted under last-resort conditions, this type of request will be subjected to a minimum freight charge in addition to the requested carrier billing information for carton movement. This amount will appear on the invoice with the product line items.

All USA shipments are FCA our dock which means that the title of the equipment transfers to the owner once we pass the carton to the first carrier. Buyer pre-paid freight. Destinations outside the USA are EXW-Origin.

We want the most efficient and expeditious movement for your equipment on a reliable carrier. Daily service from our dock is established with UPS. We are sharing this as a friendly advisory so you can have the best possible experience and confidence that our products will arrive in a timely and undamaged manner. Contact our CEC staff if you have additional questions.