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Dual-Power Feature in a DC-DC Converter

June 02, 2018 | Product News, Technical Info,

Load A/B Dual-Power Circuits – Majortel Converter Systems

This power system is designed with the integrated Load A/B dual-power circuits with individual breakers and front access visual indication as a part of the label text on the breaker case. The design incorporates actuator guard barriers to aid in the prevention of unintentional actuator movement. The dual-power block terminal, for secured screw connection, is located on the system backside. This simple bulk configuration provides independent circuit protection and manual control for dual load output applications.

The circuit breaker separates the main converter output bus and load power block when open. The dual-power circuits operate independently from each other and obtain voltage from either power module that is part of the system.  All installed power modules load share automatically.

48V converter system – MTD48/25-130-1U & MTD48/50-130-1U
24V converter system – MTD24/25-130-1U & MTD24/50-130-1U

Circuit Breaker Rating: Factory installed, non-changeable, mid-trip 50 amp

The output terminal, consisting of secured screw connections, is located on the system back-plane. The larger block is provided to support a ring terminal or single-hole lug landing for connection with load cables.

MTD Load A/B

MTD System Load A/B

A perfect configuration for a dual input A/B dual-power supply arrangement in Smart Grid equipment deployments.

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