Requesting Technical Assistance

Thank you for reaching out to our technical team at Majorpower. Please complete all requested fields on this page, as they provide the necessary information for our team to answer questions and/or resolve any issues as quickly as possible. We will reach out to work through any issue that you may be experiencing with our equipment or documentation.

Our Technical-Support team will need to speak with the engineer or technician listed on the request, so please ensure that person is the main contact for this form. This allows us to clearly understand the nature of the concern, discuss it in context, and clarify an installation setup or equipment programming change to provide quick resolution. Our experience has shown that the best calls occur with a person at the equipment installation site.

Our facility is based in North Carolina with Eastern time zone operation hours from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday-Friday.

Data Collection Note:

Majorpower Corporation takes the network security precautions of our customers seriously and, due to the nature of our products being deployed in critical application sites; we must verify the equipment ownership prior to releasing any documents that contain network and/or password access information. We appreciate your patience assisting us with compliance in our data collection and verification process before granting the requests for documentation.