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Fuse Distribution in a Majortel Power System

August 02, 2018 | Product News, Technical Info,

Majortel 48Vdc Power System: MTS48/30FL-1U

This power system is designed with the integrated GMT load fuse distribution bay, front access visual indication when a fuse is open.  The battery circuit breaker, integrated for maintenance convenience, is located on the front, next to the fuse distribution.  The circuit breaker separates the battery connection from the core rectifier and load bus when open.  The circuit breaker operates independently from the low voltage disconnect (LVD) that is part of the same battery protection circuitry in this system. Viewing a system from the front, the rectifier power modules and control screen are positioned left and the distribution is right. The whole 1U rack system is supplied with 19 inch mounting ears.


The output terminal strip, for secured screw connections, is located on the system backplane. A larger power block is provided for the battery ring terminal or single-hole lug landing and arranged in-line with the 10 fuse connections.

Each rectifier connection source should be engineered to provide 10A current at 120VAC. Care should be taken to confirm the electrical service for the application is appropriately sized. Only attach the line cord sets, supplied in the kit, to the properly rated NEMA 5-15R receptacles.

The pre-engineered cable is a NEMA5-15P to IEC320-C13 (right angle) with a length of 6 feet end-to-end. Two (2) cables ship with every system kit. First insert the IEC connector into the back of the system, then use the ty-wraps to secure the cable to the system chassis grill. Lace the cable along the rack to the appropriate NEMA receptacle and AC input source.

Availability in System: MTS48/30FL-1U

10 sockets for loads using standard GMT type fuse; 1 A to 15 A.  User supplied fuses and selection based on the application requirements.
1 rocker circuit breaker for battery @ 30A; factory installed; non-changeable


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