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Majortel DC-DC Converter

October 13, 2014 | Product News,

Announcing two new Majortel DC-DC Converter Systems

We are excited to announce the addition of two new DC-DC Converter Systems to our Majortel product line.  The Majortel Converters offer:

The Majortel 1U Converter system is a sleek, compact design that supplies utility equipment solutions requiring 24V or 48V dc  from a 130V dc power source or substation battery.  Each dc-dc converter system is designed to occupy a true 1U (1.75” tall) rack space in a standard 19” wide rack and under 11” deep.  Typical installations include two compact, high density and reliable high frequency 25 amp dc-dc converters, for a total system capacity configuration of 50A output in the single selected voltage for the application.


** Majortel 130V to 48V DC to DC Converter System

The converter system includes a simple Load 1 and Load 2 breaker distribution to support multiple isolated output feed configurations and the MTS-Com centralized man-to-machine interface.  The system power capacity is user configurable for 25A or 50A applications. The dc-dc converter modules are hot-swap capable facilitating field upgrades from 25 to 50 amps in a matter of minutes.

For more detailed specifications about these two new Majortel Converter systems, click here.

These systems have been field tested, approved and deployed by leading Utility Smart-Grid industry corporations.

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