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Majorsine Chosen to Power Private Ethernet Network

October 03, 2019 | Product News,

A major U.S. university recently began a project to expand its internal private network throughout its campus. A Majorpower Power Specialist was brought in to evaluate and recommend the power equipment needed for this upgrade and backup run-time. The project’s main focus was to install new Ethernet switches at nodes which would feed back to the main campus switch.

The Ethernet switches are to be installed in the telecom closets of the various node
buildings throughout the campus. At the nodes the existing infrastructure is a DC power
design with rectifiers and batteries. The Ethernet switch chosen for deployment comes
with redundant AC power supplies. In its project outline the University dictated that all
of the equipment in the nodes share the existing backup power system and maintain
several hours of run-time.

In looking at the power supply requirements and the existing DC infrastructure present
the Power Specialist determined that the optimal solution for the project was to use
inverters. The inverters support the Ethernet switches off the DC system and give the
equipment the required hours of run-time. The Power Specialist chose the Majorsine
because it comes standard with an integrated utility bypass. By utilizing two Majorsine
inverters each Ethernet switch has four potential power sources making the system
extremely reliable.

As an added benefit to the project the Power Specialist was also able to add remote
monitoring to the existing DC plant because the Majorsine is available with SNMP
communication. The inverter will be used to alert university technicians in the event of a
change in power status.

After completion of the installation and testing the Power Specialist commented that the
units were not only a good fit for the project’s power needs, but also quite easy to install
and configure.

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