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Majortel Converter Capacity Making the Grade

August 17, 2015 | Product News,

Increased Capacity Deciding Factor:

The Majortel DC/DC Converter (MTD) family has achieved Top 50 Utility use approvals. Utility Industry User approvals for the converter product continue to grow, since the first market application in 2013.  A utility design engineer said, “that increasing from 20 to 50 amps capacity is just what we need to power each new rack of telemetry equipment.”, in a recent approval call. Growth and increased capacity in a smaller package is the new grade of efficient space utilization. He went on the say, “with the smaller dc-to-dc power system, we can place two (MTD) power converters in each rack, using less space than the previous design and still double output capabilities!”  Ultimately, the re-allocation rack layout will facilitate more instrument and control equipment.

The most popular voltage combination is 130V dc to 48V dc because the new Smart Grid equipment is being deployed across utility installations operating with substation and generation battery support power.  In many utilities, the trend is moving away from adding dedicated -48V dc power battery support, therefore utilizing the established larger capacity 130V dc power battery for the overlay equipment.

Majortel Power Module

Majortel Power Module

The Majortel Converter system is fully isolated front-to-back and designed for the typical 130Vdc floating design in a utility operation.  Each system includes a simple Load 1 or Load 2 breaker distribution to support multiple isolated output circuit configurations and the MTS-Com centralized man-to-machine interface.  The 1U system power capacity is user configurable for 25A or 50A applications. The dc-to-dc converter modules are hot-swap capable facilitating field maintenance or expansion in a matter of minutes.

We are proud to bridge a gap between available dc power and powering requirements for new Smart Grid upgrades in tomorrow’s utility. For more detailed specifications about the Majortel Converter systems, click here.

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