Power & Utility Systems in the Majotel Product Line

Majortel Power Systems meet or exceed most equipment application requirements for today’s growing new technology networks.  The utility systems include telecom grade switch-mode rectifiers or high-frequency isolated dc/dc converters in a feature rich mounting shelf with integrated remote communication package. Each shelf is 1.75” tall, 11” deep and occupies a standard 19” wide rack space. Existing deployments are approved for substation auxiliary dc power systems.

The Majortel dc Power system, MTS130/20AT-1U, is designed with a maximum of 2800W @ 130V using two (2) power modules, communication module and integrated distribution circuit breaker.


130V Power System

Each system is designed to occupy a true 1U (1.75″ tall) rack space in a standard 19″ wide rack and under 11″ deep.  Installations can include one or two compact, high density and reliable switch-mode rectifiers at 10 amps each for a total system capacity output configuration of 2800W.

The integrated system includes a simple 2-pole output breaker configuration suitable for connections to an existing bus, individual load or battery.

Ordering Assembly Number:
MTS130/20AT-1U – rack system with 19″ ears, controller and 2 rectifiers (20A)

The Majortel dc/dc Converter system is a sleek, compact design that is ideal for applications requiring 48V dc power from a 125-130V dc power source. Each MTD48/50-130-1U system is designed to occupy a true 1U (1.75” tall) rack space in a standard 19” wide rack and under 11”deep. Typical installations include two compact, high density and reliable high frequency 25 amp converters, for a total system capacity configuration of 2900W at 48V output.


130V to 48V DC/DC Converter

The MTD48/50-130-1U converter system includes a simple Load 1 and Load 2 breaker distribution to support multiple isolated output circuit configurations and the MTS-Com centralized man-to-machine interface.  The system power capacity is user configurable for 50A applications. The dc-dc converter modules are hot-swap capable, facilitating field replacement in a matter of minutes. Install or two modules with automatic load sharing.

Ordering Assembly Number:
MTD48/50-130-1U – rack system with 19″ ears, controller and 2 converter power modules (50A)

See the DC Power Matrix Selection Guide

Product Features:

»Full power; Wide Input Ranges
»Complete System Design
»Extended Temperature Operations; Up to 75ºC
»System Capacity range from 1440W to 2900W
»Easy, Manageable monitor screen
»Programmable alarms on dry-contacts
»Front-to-Back Isolation
»Integrated Remote Communication Package
»N+1 Configuration Capabilities
»Quick Check LED indications
»Standard 19” wide rack and under 11” deep
»Built-in breaker distribution


»Infrastructure System Security
»Network Telemetry Back-Haul
»IT Private Network
»Inter-Office Telecommunications
»Dispatch Data Inter-connectivity
»Auxiliary Control & Instrumentation

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