“We like the Majorpower products and been purchasing the Majorsine inverter to replace older legacy devices as required. RUC may be looking at retrofitting it’s older DC systems and will certainly consider the Majortel dc power product line. Have a good weekend!”

Reedsburg Utility Commission

“Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to know.”

Project Manager IT – Digital Grid Strategy | Exelon

“I appreciate your support. Our procurement group should be contacting you shortly.”

Electrical Engineer | ENERCON Services, Inc.

“We appreciate very much your due diligence and help in resolving this issue. We feel very good about the Majorpower products as we have many more power inverter units in service today and are looking to purchase more in the very near future. Thank you once again.”

JBN Telephone Co., Inc.

“That is awesome! Thanks for your help!”

Field Engineer | Sun Edison

“Awesome! We will send PO in Monday morning.Thank you very much for being so responsive. We understand infant mortality and every piece of electrical equipment at one time or another may have a problem. It all comes down to the response from the manufacturer.
Rest assured, we will continue to support and provide Majorpower products to our customers. Thanks so much.”

President | Quality Standby Services, LLC

“It’s been ten years since we brought on the 2U pure sine wave inverters and they are still doing very well for us.”
Product Manager

“Thank you very much, this and the dBrnC discussion were invaluable. PWPS thanks you for directly supporting our efforts to sell equipment to the French government.”

Principal Engineer | Pratt & Whitney (PWPS-Turbine)

” It’s all in the works. I’m very glad to have a range of options on small rectifier configurations. ”

Manager-Data Products-Private Cable | High-End Broadband Equipment Supplier