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July 03, 2017 | Announcements,

Preventative Maintenance for your Majorpower Products.

Here at Majorpower; we take pride in the remarkable durability of our power conversion equipment.  Our customers have repeatedly informed us of Majorsine inverters sustaining constant and consistent operational service lives for 10 years and counting.  Our neMTS48-50AT-1Uw Majortel line of modular DC power systems and DC converter systems shows equal promise in offering the same level of exceptional service life and operation.

If there was a single, preventative measure that could be recommended to maintain the efficiency and sustainable operation of our various products; it would be the mitigation of dust and environmental factors on the intake vents, internal heat sinks and cooling fans.

There are a few, minimal actions that can be taken to periodically inspect and clean your Majorpower equipment.

The factors noted above will determine the frequency of inspection required for the installed equipment.

Any time the internal chassis environment of a solid state electronic device increases in ambient temperature it also reduces the efficiency of the internal components and can contribute to a shortened operational life of the equipment. Persistent dust, insect and other environmental debris accumulation on internal components will also shorten the operational life. These factors will begin to act as an insulator through their accumulation and cause internal component temperatures to rise drastically. If enough dust accumulation happens or insects are allowed access, it can cause an electrical failure from creating a conductive path between components that should, otherwise; be electronically isolated.

As always; we recommend to never use solvents, alcohol or other hazardous cleaning agents on any of our products. A fine, microfiber-style, cloth slightly dampened with warm water is more than sufficient to wipe and collect any accumulated dust. We always recommend removing input power sources prior to cleaning any of the input terminals where hazardous electrical voltages may harm maintenance personnel.

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