48Vdc output
50A, 2900W
Model: MTS48/50BT-1U

The Majortel 1U Redundant Power Supply is a compact design, ideal for applications requiring bulk dc power. Each system is designed to occupy a true 1U (1.75” tall) rack space in a standard 19” wide equipment frame with a total system depth less than 11”.

Basic installation includes two high power density and reliable switch-mode rectifiers, 25 amps each, for a total system capacity configuration of 2900W. This is a redundant 48 volt power supply, perfectly sized, for the 25 amp load using the telecom-grade N+1 design factor with A/B feed load equipment. Larger demand loads are easily supported through one breaker, up to the 50 amp power supply capacity.

The MTS48/50BT-1U includes a simple dual-output (Load 1; Load 2) breaker configuration:bulk feed. Additional flexibility allows the connection of one or two AC input circuits in fault-tolerant applications.

The 48Vdc redundant power supply was designed for the user application demanding more distribution while operating in a non-battery dc plant architecture. The most common deployments are sites built around multiple grid layers and large online power support systems.

First Application Project(FAP) deployments are in process. Power systems will be generally available for mass deployment projects in mid-2019. Contact our office to submit a proposal for participation in the FAP.

  • Wide AC Range; Full Power with 208/240 VAC, 1Ø
  • Extended Temperature Operations; Up to 75°C
  • Dual Power Output Breakers - Bulk DC
  • Integrated Remote Communication Package
  • AC Diversity Input Option Bus
  • Hot-Swap Communication and Power Modules

AC Input

 DC Output

Voltage:  208/240 VAC, 1Ø

Frequency: 45-65 Hz

Power Factor:  >0.99

Efficiency:  92%

Capacity:  50 Amps; 2900W

Voltage:  42-58 VDC

Voltage Regulation:  ±0.5%

Soft Start Time: < 8 sec



Load 1:@50A

Load 2:@50A

Bulk DC Output

Operation Temperature:  -10ºC to 75ºC

MTBF:  >253,000 Hr

Cooling:  Forced Air; Variable Speed

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