Majorsine Power Locker Cable Entry

MAJORSINE Power Locker; Cable Entry Security Options
Model*: Majorsine-PLx30K

Majorsine Power Locker secure cable entry is designed for the ultimate Majorsine installation. The integrated portal cover is deployed for securing load circuits to the output sockets of the Majorsine inverter.  A heavy-duty design prevents unintentional plug and cable removal or receptacle usage that could disrupt critical loads.

Level 1 External Hardware Locker: Primary Steel Shroud and Cover

Specialized design for using OEM device power cabling, typically with a NEMA molded male-plug. The seamless integration utilizes existing chassis attachment points therefore no field modification is required. A comprehensive cover protects access to both sets of AC access points on the back of the inverter. The cover restricts access to both the bypass(input) and inverter(output) ac access points of the Majorsine inverter. Retain the ac bypass conduit mounting box and install the new multi-function cover supplied with this kit.

Level 2 Internal Electrical Option: HOT Block Assembly

H.O.T. is Hardwired Output Terminal assembly mounted within the Power Locker. The safety compliant PCB assembly is available as the internal terminal mount option within the Power Locker Cable Entry Security assembly. The added measure of applications flexibility is achieved since the terminals accept bare wire conductors. Engineered for full Safety approvals and electrical capacities, making this assembly the perfect integrated access point for hard-wired installation requirements. A partial die-cut conduit knockout stamp facilitates standard sized electrical attachment materials.

* Order the Majorsine Power Locker & HOT Block Kit to deploy Level 1 and Level 2 assemblies.

    Black Powder Coat; Reinforced Steel Design to secure cabling into receptacles. Application Fit to Majorsine Power Inverter product family - all models

    Locker Hardware / L1

    Electrical Option / L2

    L = 3.25" x W = 2.75" x D = 2.25"

    integrated SJ Cord tunnel

    knockout stamp = 1/2"

    lb = 0.25

    Capacity: 2000VA/1600W; Max 20 A

    Voltage: 100 - 125 VAC

    Frequency: 60 Hz

    NEMA male to Terminal Connector

    Dimensions: 3.25 x 2.75 x 2.25 inch (LxWxD)
    Weight: 1 Lb
    ACV Rating: 100-150V; 60 Hz
    ACI Rating: 20 amps

The Level 1 Locker Hardware Kit Includes:
  • Majorsine Power Locker
  • Expansion Cover Plate
  • Mounting Screws
  •   order number - MAJORSINE-PLx10
The Level 2 Electrical Option Kit Includes:
  • Assembly for screw barrier terminals mated to NEMA receptacle
  • Mounting Screws
  •   order number - MAJORSINE-PLx20
      * blade assembly board only sold as the integrated option to a Power Locker for Majorsine kit. Not functional with IEC connectors on 230V inverters
The Master Level Kit Includes:
  • Assembly Majorsine-PLx10
  • Assembly Majorsine-PLx20
  •   order number - MAJORSINE-PLx30K

    All device cables should be installed and used in accordance with applicable listings, ratings, and codes. Any reference made to the NEC(National Electric Code) is applicable to installations in the United States.
  • Use only copper wire with this device. Do not tin conductors.
  • Failure to wire as instructed may cause damage to connected equipment or personal injury.
  • This device is to be installed or checked by a certified electrician or qualified person only
    Request the Majorsine Power Locker application note #AN-PLx001 for more details.

    This is the only approved multi-function hardware assembly that will not void the product warranty. Leave that rough cut, hole-saw bit in the tool box.

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