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2020: A New Year Blog and Fault-Tolerant Series

January 04, 2020 | Design Ideas,

What do you see or think about when viewing 2020?

Will it just indicate the year for the next 360+ days*?
Maybe we are thinking about the 2020 hindsight concept or reflection of doing something, anything better the next time.
Perhaps we recall a memory of vision checks when one targets the “20 line” of an eye chart, striving for laser like focus.

2020 or 202

For Me – The 2020 Series of Insight Posts will encompass design discussions using power conversion equipment in 20 squared deployments.  That’s what I see, a 20 squared (202) mathematical operation. Having two of the 20s arranged in architectures to make an overall power support system fault-tolerant.  A laser focus 202 design could be the elimination of the largest possible failure points, if not all, or at least mitigating the majority of single-point failures.

Sharing the focused “20 line” vision of other known deployments, may help you rethink or pre-think a design for the critical operation in your network going forward into the New Year 2020.  Want to talk about your 202 architecture in power, give me a call.
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Samuel; Chief Operating Officer and a 202 Technical Power Blogger

P.S. (Dry Engineer Humor Warning) –* Here’s the math: 202 = 366; It’s a Leap Year!

InsightsSeries #FT2020.0

#Fault-Tolerant-Power Multi-Part Series Releases:
P1-Single Power System for Fault-Tolerant Applications (Feb)
P2-Dual Power Systems in a Diversity Array for Fault-Tolerant Applications (Mar)
P3-Hybrid Power Architectures using Mixed Sources for Fault-Tolerant Applications (May)


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