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Operations Status – OPEN

March 16, 2020 | Announcements,

Operations Status

We understand your “Essential Services Critical Network” depends on power availability. The Customer Experience Center deployed new procedures to help your power conversion product arrive in a timely manner. The new process involves a simple validation from the recipient that their local and state governments have not closed the destination business. Most often this can be taken care of via email. This extra layer of pre-ship validation is intended to prevent your product being held for excessive time periods in the shipping lanes.

(update: 5/01/2020) Shipping all product categories from stock and continuing to support deployment projects worldwide.

(update: 3/30/2020) Our greatest asset in Majorpower is the family of committed contributors that come together daily for a common goal. We hosted the internal “all-hands” conference to establish a best course of action for protecting each employee and their family, along with meeting the expectations of our essential services clients operating deployed power conversion equipment. Our management team activated a temporary support plan that balances the local declarations of limited exposure and business continuity for helping essential service clients stay fully operational for the public good.

Limited Operations are effective starting March 30 in order to comply with Executive Order 121; Sec.2 Essential Business(CISA Sectors) and minimum basic operation requirements defined by our state authorities. Each department head has deployed a plan to support clients with either remote access email and telephone contact or limited facility hours.
1. Warehouse operations will be conducted several days per week and remain flexible based on client demand for product movements.
2. Sales, Marketing and Technical contacts will be facilitated 5 days per week utilizing multiple methods; including remote email and telephone.
3. Our facility access remains restricted to employees only during the current mandated period scheduled to end April 30, 2020.
Any urgent equipment requirement or request should be clearly conveyed to the appropriate department using email. Please include specific equipment condition/status and clearly identify the primary contact information needed for our timely response.

Contact Routing Guide:
– troubleshooting; outage, alarms, restart
– installation/deployment; commissioning, parameters
– product quotes
– application consultation
– purchase order submission

Package Tracking – carrier transit systems provide this data once the carton is in the shipping lanes. To receive timely updates, provide the email of your company’s recipient that agrees to disseminate the information internally. The email must be clearly indicated on a purchase order.

(update: 3/26/2020) ALL product lines are IN-STOCK, so ALL orders can ship. The Majorpower Corporation staff is healthy, geared and staged for supporting essential services clients that have installed power conversion equipment throughout the last 3 decades. We will continue to monitor email traffic and respond to voice mails. While not effected at this time, there may be slight delays in response if facility access becomes limited by local authorities. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

(update: 3/16/2020) The Majorpower Corporation office is OPEN for shipping and support activities. Our local officials are not limiting business operations that support essential service critical systems:

” A gathering does not include businesses and operations associated with maintaining federally identified critical infrastructure or operations and conducting essential activities. Federally identified critical infrastructure components consist of manufacturing, assembly, maintenance or operation of communications systems, defense industrial base operations, operation of dams, operation and maintenance of energy industries and distribution. . .(county declaration)”

The facility is located in a central North Carolina region away from heavily populated metro centers. We anticipate full operation availability for the current time, as we comply with all official guidelines. We are limiting access to the facility and promoting flexible employee schedules while maintaining a stable family and career balance.

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